Think for a moment about paper; how many times have you touched paper, even today? Whether it’s your paper bill, your grocery store receipt, a notebook, little sticky note pads, a card for tonight’s special event… paper is a part of our history, our first exams in school, a greeting card for our birthday, our first job contract.

Even the fast-paced digital age in which we live is far from eradicating paper. Therefore, even after the invention of emails, IPhones, & IPads, it is still clear to us all, Paper is here to stay.

Hadera Paper loves paper. We get excited about paper and feel responsible of preserving the use of this incredible product. We are well aware of the fact that paper is perceived by many as a product which is not environment-friendly. It is true that the paper production process consumes resources. However, our industry has come a long way in environment protection. Few are aware of the fact that today, most of the wood for paper arrives from supervised forests, and for each tree that had been cut down, many others are grown. Our environment management vision has led us to the development of Repaper – the first paper in the world which is made 100% from wastepaper without the use of any virgin cellulous or chemicals in the recycling process.

Big things start with paper. Even if it is just a little note with a massage of love or a formula that changes the course of history. Paper has been a part of our lives over 5,000 years, and we are here to make sure that it remains a part of our future.