Writing & Printing Paper

Writing and printing paper is the business unit in charge of production, marketing and sale of the variety of papers for the writing and printing market in Israel.

The company produces 130,000 metric tons of paper every year and imports an additional few dozens of thousands from leading global paper producers all for the goal of offering a full range of products that meet the highest international standards and strict environmental regulations. The company produces and distributes a collection of papers, including paper rolls, sheets, and A4 packages for a wide variety of clients and producers. In recent years, the company developed Repaper, the first paper in the world which is made of 100% wastepaper. Repaper is the first innovative paper in the global paper industry. The paper has a particularly light tone as well as a luxurious and high quality look. Repaper has passed dozens of meticulous quality tests – printing, scanning, barcode reading, and others. Today, it is sold for commercial use in a variety of formats – industry paper, notebooks, A4, and others.

The entire range of company products meets the strictest international standards on forest management FSC and PEFC.

The company benefits from distribution rights and cooperation with leading international companies, among which:

APP - a leading global paper products cooperation. The products of this cooperative are well-known for their superb printing outputs and running abilities, as well as in their exceptionally high appearance, structure and volume.

Stora Enso - an international cooperation for quality chromo paper products.

Reno De Medici – A European company that specializes in recycled paper products.

Packaging Paper

The company is the sole producer in Israel of packaging paper for the corrugated cardboard industry (box making industry). The company strives for continuous development and growth, by the expansion of products’ variety, increasing sales volumes in existing markets and penetration into new markets, both domestically and globally. The plant produces 300,000 metric tons of packaging paper per year, 75% of which is sold to the local market and the remainder to export.

The entire range of company products are made of 100% recycled wastepaper (cardboard & newspaper), which is collected from different sources nationwide, predominantly by Amnir Recycling Industries Ltd. Production processes are executed with special attention to all aspects of environmental protection in every production stage, from the collection and sorting of the waste, through the recycling process, preparation of fibers, and all the way to the production of packaging papers.

The company’s paper production meets 3 strict international standards: ISO 9001 – Products & Services Quality Management; ISO 14001 – Environment Management; & ISO 18001 – Occupational Health & Safety. The company perceives the quality of its products and customer service as a key and important goal. In addition, the company perceives its employees as a central component in its success. Thanks to the knowledge that has been accumulated during the many years of activity in the paper industry, the professionalism and persistence, the company is able to successfully meet the challenges of a dynamic and competitive market.