Environmental Responsibility

Hadera Paper, its management and employees, are committed to the protection of the environment. The group has implemented environmental management guidelines in accordance with the Israeli Standard and ISO14001 requirements. The group’s management and employees are working for the goal of continuous improvement in the reduction of the environmental impact by:

  • Reducing and streamlining resources and inputs that may release pollutants to the environment, alongside monetary investments.
  • Continually studying the effects of our activity on the environment, learning lessons and implementing them.
  • Properly treating substances emitted to the environment in accordance with Israeli and international standards.
  • Conducting trainings on environmental management topics, in support of nature preservation today and for future generations.
  • Continually learning environmental management processes and developments as a key principle in environmental protection.
  • Zealously following all the laws and regulations pertaining to environmental management, alongside corporate social responsibility and environmental accountability practices.