Amnir Recycling is the leading Israeli company in collection and recycling services of wastepaper, cardboard and plastic waste, electronic waste and other recyclable materials.

The company has been established in 1969 under full ownership of Hadera Paper Group with the goal of cutting cellulous’ import costs, a raw material in the process of paper production, by shifting to production with recycled fibers. Amnir Recycling’s activity contributes to a meaningful reduction in the volumes of waste transferred to landfills, which in turn saves valuable land resources.

The company collects and handles close to 400,000 metric tons of raw materials annually which are redirected to the recycling industry. Amnir Recycling offers its clients a wide range of collection solutions for a variety of recyclable materials thanks to its professional logistic array that presents a diversity of customized tools and solutions:

  • Cardboard collection – Collection of cardboard waste, a high volume waste, from chain stores, commercial centers, manufacturing sites, as well as from collection stations in municipal authorities.
  • Newspaper collection – Collection of newspaper in a variety of dedicated bins from households in municipal authorities and from newspapers in Israel.
  • Office paper collection – Quick and efficient collection of paperwaste from offices and organizations in customized dedicated bins for offices.
  • Collection of paper form printing houses – Collection of wastepaper that accumulates on production floors by use of specialized bins and state-of-the-art vacuuming and compression systems.
  • Plastic collection – Collection of soft drink bottles from collection stations in nationwide distribution.
  • Information security services – Unique solutions for destruction of information and management of confidential materials. These services include on-site shredding with a portable shredder or shredding at Amnir’s sites. The company offers shredding services of paper, magnetic media, computers and any other substance that contains confidential information.
  • Deformation services – Shredding and scrapping services of a range of goods and products including salvaging of raw materials for reuse.
  • Equipment rental and sale – The company offers a variety of solutions for collection and compaction of cardboard, paper, and plastic waste which are available for rent or sale according to the client’s needs.
  • Maintenance services – The company’s mobile service units provide maintenance and repair services to thousands of clients nationwide.
  • Paper & packaging products – The company produces and markets a wide range of paper products for various purposes, such as packaging, catering and institutions.

The activity of Amnir Recycling Company is made available thanks to two logistic centers in Israel: Hadera and Modiin. Amnir’s service array offers nationwide coverage. The company’s customer service is supported by state-of-the-art technologies, including continual quality control and management for assuring high service quality and utmost client satisfaction.

Amnir Recycling Company has 3 standards certifications: ISO 14001 for environmental management; ISO 9001-2000 for service quality control and management; as well as Israeli Standard SI 18001 for Occupational Health & Safety Management System (OHSAS).

As part of its activity for the community, the company is active in the implementation of environmental values and recycling practices in the public. In addition, Amnir’s employees and management are involved in support of underprivileged populations as part of the company’s various corporate social responsibility activities.

Among the clients of Amnir Recycling are some of the leading commercial and public entities in the Israeli market, including: high-tech companies, municipal authorities, chain stores, printing houses and newspapers, defense industries, governmental offices and institutions, banks, financial organizations and others.

Plastic Collection

Amnir Plastic collects and recycles more than 8,000 metric tons of plastic every year. The sources of plastic for recycling are industrial manufacturing plants, agriculture and others. This recycled product is then used to produce a recycled raw material which is used to replace virgin raw materials. Among the clients of Amnir Plastic are the leading plastic producers both in Israel and overseas.

Amnir Plastic works constantly for improving its product line and for matching it to the needs of its clients.

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