Air Quality

In 2007, Hadera Paper has executed a strategic act involving a shift in the energy production of the group’s site in Hadera, from mazut to natural gas. This change was made possible in light of the importance of environmental protection and air quality in the site and in the city of Hadera, where the production site is located, and thanks to the Hadera site’s connection to the natural gas pipe located west of the city in the Mediterranean Sea. This strategic project included the conversion of all the site’s boilers to natural gas use, installation of compatible infrastructures, and conversion of the production site’s main boiler, in addition to changing key production parts in the paper machine to match natural gas use.

The process of conversion to natural gas has led to a significant improvement in the air quality in the production site and in the city of Hadera, benefiting the sit’s employees and Hedera residents alike. In addition, it enables Hadera Paper to meet strict emission standards.